“You Are My Sunshine Necklace” Sunflower Necklace | Review for 2021

You are my sunshine necklace is not just a piece of jewelry but it a lot more than that for people who have some memories with the song “you are my sunshine”. This necklace means a lot more than just a piece of jewelry, it is the symbol of deep love, care, and affection. This necklace has some sentimental touch in it which makes it special jewelry. Also here is you are my sunshine bracelet which most people like more then necklace.


Best Sunshine Sunflower Necklaces

Following are some popular sunshine necklaces designs, which were reviewed by the customers most of all. See which one you like.
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“Let your love ones know how much they mean to you.”


Specifications of “You are my sunshine Necklace”

Material: Sunflower necklace is made of high quality materials that are nickel-free, lead-free, cadmium-free, and hypoallergenic.

you are my sunshine necklace
Sunflower necklace

Chain length: The good thing about its chain is that it suits everyone. The length of the chain is about 48cm with a 5cm extension. The chain is adjustable which is suitable for everyone to wear.

Whose is this best for: You are my sunshine Necklace is best for almost all your dearest ones in your family. Like wife, mother, daughter, father granddaughter, niece, and also for girlfriend.

Occasions for this necklace: This necklace can be sent as one of the best sentimental gifts on Christmas, mother’s day, and daughter’s day. Other than that it can also be sent on any other special occasion like weddings, birthday parties, and anniversary and other special days like these.

As a Gift: This necklace is one of Pretty and a perfect gift for women and girls you love and care more. This necklace has a sentimental touch in it which makes it more special for the loved ones. This sunflower in the necklace symbolizing Love, care, health, happiness, and affection for your loved one. So it is the special gift for family.



You are my sunshine Necklace

All details about you are my sunshine necklace in the below table.

Necklace Name

You Are My Sunshine Necklace

Necklace Size48cm+5cm extension (expandable necklace)
Age LevelBest for any age
Available ColorsSilver, Gold, pink, timeless sterling silver
Text WrittenYou are my sunshine
Text styleEngraved
Gem TypeNil
Chain typeAdjustable
Best forGift Present, birthday, anniversary, Friendship
TypeYou are my sunshine flip necklace, that opens

Some Pro and Cons of  Sunflower Necklace

But Stop wait a sec; There is something that you must look into it before purchasing it for yourself.


  • Very Cute necklace
  • Pretty design
  • Adjustable size
  • Study material
  • Lovely gift
  • Low price
  • Sentimental gift
  • Perfect for a gift
  • Decent little charm
  • No nicer boxing
  • Funky smell
  • Chain is fragile


Sunflower necklace Structure Design:

A hidden message “You are my sunshine” written in sunflower locket necklace, composed of two flips showing love and affection for the loved one. This necklace reflects a sentimental touch in it. Appreciating the love of Mom or Dad. Also, the same way showing your love to your mom, dad, daughter, granddaughter, wife, girlfriend, etc. The necklace is simple but giving a lovely message. Also, it is best for everyday use due to its unique and charming design. Sunflower design makes it more glooming and attractive. You may also find this necklace in the pendant necklace form. You will find more necklaces design on Mejuri.
you are my sunshine necklace



Sunflower Necklace Gold

There are multiple colors and multiple designs as you can see in the above necklace table and above image. But one of the most searched designs and colors is the sunflower necklace gold color. As it gives the real feel of the gold necklace as it shines when exposing to light. Gold sunflower necklace would be the most liked sunshine jewelry in the market.

Why “Sunflower” in this necklace design:

Apparently, there is a mean to its design, the Sunflower is very well-known for being the symbol of happiness, care, and love. This flower also symbolizes the adoration, loyalty, and notion of respect. The necklace is also used for the appreciation of mothers so this is also a good way to do it with this sunflower necklace. This necklace may also be available in floating locket design we will write a separate review about that locket necklace design of it.

You are my sunshine sunflower necklace inspiration

As the name of this necklace sound very strange and unusual and clearly seems that there is some kind of message in it as it is self-explanatory also. The name given to this necklace is due to the inspiration from a lovely song. You can read you are my sunshine lyrics below.

“You are my sunshine, my only sunshine You make me happy when skies are gray You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you Please don’t take my sunshine away

The other night dear, as I lay sleeping I dreamed I held you in my arms When I awoke, dear, I was mistaken So I bowed my head and I cried”




My sunshine necklace is best for?

You are my sunshine sunflower necklace is best for a young girl and literally it is perfect gifts for your family or friends for birthdays, Christmas day, anniversaries, sentimental gifting, and daughter’s day, mother’s day and other occasions like these. So one can wear it and keep the special message of love close to the heart. To see more jewelry you may find it on Jewelry.com

You are my sunshine sunflower necklace Review-2020

I have followed this necklace on different platforms online and most of the people are just loving it. People who like yellow paparazzi necklace also search for this sunflower necklace. I have found this on several platforms through the internet. It is available on world big eCommerce websites Like Amazon, eBay, aliexpress, Walmart, Etsy, Bryan Anthonys, helpthebees, Zelber and some other big brands.

What people say about “you are my sunshine necklace

While searching about this sunflower necklace on different platforms I have found some amazing thoughts of people that they have shared their experiences after they purchased it and then they have written a review about this “you are my sunshine necklace”. So following are some of the reviews of those who have already purchased this necklace.

“One mother said that she bought this for her daughter because she used to sing the song to her as a child.”
Another guy saying that he ordered one for his girlfriend as a gift and his girlfriend loved the size and the gift overall.
A man purchased it for his wife and his wife loved it.

Some guys purchased this for friendship day and mother’s day and gifted it to their loved ones.

A girl says I wish it was in a nicer box, so the boxing of the necklace may not be attractive, but that’s ok it doesn’t count that much but the necklace should be of a good quality which matters a lot.

Another user says that the necklace is ok but the chain needs to be replaced for longterm use as it is kind of more fragile which may break easily, So ok that’s something which makes sense also.

you are my sunshine sunflower necklace




Best for which occasion?

You can buy this as a Christmas present for your mom and I am sure that she going to love it. Undoubtedly you should choose this as a Christmas gift because the song you are my sunshine could be the favorite song of your family members that passed on. It can be proved a perfect gift for your loved ones as a daily reminder to be prosperous and stay positive. With this necklace present, you can let your loved ones know how much you love them and how much they mean to you.


Q: For what age this sunflower necklace is best?
A: Luckily this necklace is adjustable that’s why it will be fit on any age level person.
Q: What is the size of this chain?
A: The size of the chain is 48cm+5cm extension (expandable necklace)
Q: What material it is made of?
A: It is not iron, necklace, lead, it is something sturdy stuff.
Q: What is the color of this sunflower necklace?
A: Silver, Gold, pink, timeless sterling silver.
Q: What kind of Gem is used in this sunflower necklace?
A: No, there is no gem used in this necklace.
Q: What text written on it?
A: “You are my sunshine” is written in the engraved form.

Concluding Words

I have gone through multiple platforms and read a lot of reviews about you are my sunshine necklace. Honestly speaking I like this necklace very much and its cute and attractive design. I found this necklace is a perfect gift for your dearest one or any member of your family. This perfect gift is to bring joy to someone’s (or you are) day. You may offer this as a Christmas present, daughter’s day, and mother’s day gift and even at a wedding party. Also a perfect gift for girlfriend and wife as well.


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